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What is Social Media Tulsa and how did it come about?

Social Media Tulsa began at Fat Guys Burger Bar in the Historic Greenwood District on June 30, 2010.  Social Media Tulsa Founder, Cheryl Lawson shares how it all began.

While in California, Social Media Tulsa founder, Cheryl Lawson, was a part of a wonderful social media community, many gained from Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference. Many friends who stay connected now via social media.

“When I moved back home to Tulsa after my father passed away, I searched for the social media community aka geeks like me. I didn’t see one, so I started it. Mashable was introducing something called Social Media Day and suggested that It be a worldwide celebration.

I only had about 2 weeks to organize the Tulsa meetup full of strangers, but I did and we had close to 30 people attend that first meetup. It was from that first meetup that Social Media Tulsa was born.”

Social Media Tulsa grew from a community of meetup goers and social media enthusiasts to a group of amazing people who can spark ideas for your business or project over a drink and a cupcake. 

“As we began to get more people interested in learning more about social media, I decided to combine my passions, event organizing, and social media and we held our first annual conference in March of 2011.

From there, people began to ask for help with social media for their events. “I  began taking over the social media 1s and 2s (DJ speak for accounts) of the Route 66 Marathon, then I was asked to manage the social media team for the Center of the Universe Festivals. That’s where Social Media Tulsa, the company found its niche, Social Media for Events.”

Social Media Tulsa is now are behind some of the biggest events in the Tulsa area, including The Williams Route 66 Marathon, Tulsa Oktoberfest, Tulsa’s Scottish festival, Scotfest, and in 2018 we took on Broken Arrow’s new 4th of July celebration,  Patriots in the Park.

“We specialize in social media teams for events and have worked for some of Tulsa’s favorite events and festivals. It is impossible to run an event and handle your own social media live during the event. A lesson I learned while putting on  SMTULSA Conference each year. We now have our own social media team that works very similar to the ones we deploy for much larger events and festivals throughout the city.” 

2020 was a challenging year for face to face events; however,  Social Media Tulsa was able to help clients manage virtual events.

Virtual events need social media help too.  Social Media Tulsa helped many of their clients stay connected with their audiences during this difficult year.  

If you need help with Social Media for your brand and specifically for your events, contact us. 918-928-2767