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About Social Media Tulsa

Social Media Tulsa: It all began with Social Media Day Tulsa, June 30, 2010 at Fat Guys Burger Bar in the historic Greenwood district. Social Media Tulsa began as a community that invites its members to gather and talk about the impact of Social Media on business, news, entertainment, sports, nonprofit, and any other topics.
In 2011, Social Media Tulsa held its first annual SMTULSA Conference.  During the conference’s 10 year run, Social Media Tulsa helped countless local businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspiring artists master the tools of social media and the digital web.  Members of the community could learn by watching Cheryl Lawson and her team promote the conference via social media even before they were exposed to the speakers at the two day event.  In 2012, Social Media Tulsa began doing social media for other events and small businesses.  Today, you can find Social Media Tulsa behind the social media ones and twos of some of your favorite events, brands, and products. Read our entire journey below.

You can follow the journey of Social Media Tulsa through our PRWEB press releases and our social media accounts. This is just a taste of what we have accomplished in Tulsa over the years and it’s not over!  If you are interested in partnering with us or hiring us for one of your events or social media projects, please don’t hesitate to message us .

Tulsa Social Media Enthusiasts Join Mashable in Celebrating Social Media Day on June 30, 2010

Mashable, the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news, has determined June 30 to be Social Media Day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming a social dialog.

On Wednesday, June 30, Mashable will be organizing meetups in New York City and San Francisco. To increase participation worldwide, Mashable is encouraging enthusiasts to attend or organize a meetup in their own community, using the Meetup Everywhere system.

“Social media has changed our lives. It has not only changed the way we communicate, but the way we connect with one another, consume our news, conduct our work, organize our lives, and much more. So why not celebrate?” said Vadim Lavrusik, Mashable writer.

Event specialist and social media advocate, Cheryl Lawson saw that there was no Tulsa organizer and decided to take on the challenge.

“I thought, what better way to reconnect with my city after being away for so long than to connect with other social media enthusiasts in the Tulsa area.” said Lawson.

In less than 24 hours, Cheryl has confirmed a few of Tulsa’s premier social media leaders and enthusiasts. The meetup is a FREE event, and it is still in need of a venue and a few sponsors to provide give-a-ways and other goodies. Lawson is confident that Tulsa can pull this off.

“The one thing about social media aficionados is that we love the social part. Known on the social networks as @PartyAficionado, I enjoy getting together with the people I’ve met online. It’s really all about making connections with people, and the social networks allow these experiences to be wide spread.”

To get involved, organizers ask that you sign up on the Tulsa Meetup page, and share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts, using the #smday hashtag. The next step is to grab your friends and attend the event, have a good time, and learn more about this emerging technology called Social Media.

Apparently Social Media Day is a hit, according to the Mashable website. There are 518 meet ups with over 6,000 people participating and more are expected. On June 30, 2010, Tulsa will be among the groups celebrating Social Media Day.

Happy Social Media Day Tulsa.