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Social Media for Your Events

Boots on the Ground – Social Media for Your Events

Social Media Tulsa has been around since 2010. We specialize in social media for events. You may have attended one of our social media conference events from 2011-2020.
I(Cheryl Lawson) learned a valuable lesson while organizing SMTULSA Conference:
No matter how good you are at social media, you can't manage both your event and social media by yourself. Now, we use our social media event coverage expertise to help some of your favorite essays services events.
Some of our clients past and present include:
  • Route 66 Marathon (2012 -)
  • Tulsa Oktoberfest (2018- )
  • Oklahoma's Scottish Festival (2015-16, 2018-19)
  • 4th of July Freedom Fest (2021)
  • SMTULSA Conference (2011 - 2020)
  • and more
Our teams get to know your event, your planning teams, and your attendees so that we understand your goals uk best
We are your digital story tellers.
We make sure we communicate the logistics of your event, the ways in which people can join in themselves, and yes! We answer the questions people have via messenger and DMs.
If you're ready to hire us for your next event click on the messenger button at the bottom right of your screen or message us here .
If not, that's cool too.😀 Want to learn how we approach social media for your events?  Watch now the full video from the 2020 Virtual SMTULSA Conference featuring: Cheryl Lawson, Mandy Vavrinak, Sondra Slade, Toya Wood, and Tina Crouch.