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About our Founder, Cheryl Lawson

I’ve been called a boomerang after moving back to Tulsa. I grew up in North Tulsa and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. After graduation, I attended the HBCU, Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I received a scholarship from General Motors. I worked in marketing and sales for General Motors where I earned my MBA while living in Florida. After being recruited by Fleetwood Enterprises, I relocated to California. While in Southern California, I was part of the emerging social media community that grew from the 140 Conference, and the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The economy and family aided in my boomeranging back to Tulsa. (2009-2010) Tulsa has always been home and it is good to be back. I now live in the same home and neighborhood where I grew up. When I arrived, I didn’t see a social media community here. So I started it. It’s called Social Media Tulsa. What started as a community of geeks like me is now the go-to source for social media marketing know-how. 

Cheryl Lawson, Founder Social Media Tulsa