New Foursquare: Bye Bye Checkins, Hello TipSpert

You may have seen the messages in your Foursquare app to download the new Swarm app. The beginning of a new direction for the location based app. New direction and new logo.

As users, we have created tens of millions of tips on Foursquare. And hundreds of millions of likes and saves on those tips. You’re welcome Foursquare.

So What is New for FourSquare?
In the new Foursquare, you will be rewarded for sharing your expertise to help other people find great experiences. When you leave great tips, you make progress. The more people like or save them, the faster you’ll earn expertise. You know… #TipSpert

You can earn expertise at a type of place (like ‘Dumplings’ or ‘Vintage Shops’) or a neighborhood or city (who doesn’t want to have expertise of Downtown Tulsa or Broken Arrow?).

New foursquare 2    New foursquare 3

Once you’ve earned an expertise, your tips are marked as coming from an expert (so the world knows), and Foursquare makes sure more people see them because they’re high quality. And, when you’re looking for great things to do when you’re at a place, you can see which ones come from experts.

This actually sounds like a great idea. Remember when I said, You don’t have to be a social media expert to be an expert who uses social media? This new Foursquare seems to fall in line with what I’ve said all along. Now, what are you an expert in? How can you help people using Foursquare discover great things around them?

Now, what are you an expert in? How can you help people using Foursquare discover great things around them?

What is The #Smtulsa Thunderclapit? (Podcast)

A few people have asked about the SMTULSA Thunderclapit project. It is just the first step in what we want to do that new for the 2015 SMTULSA Conference. As of today, we need 50 more people to Tweet or post their support. Note, if we don’t reach 100, we get no thunder. Thank you in advance for your support.

SnapChat’s Rio Live Story Receives Mixed Emoticons

SnapChat might have had fun curating the WorldCup story from Rio, but users seemed to be more annoyed than entertained.

After Germany’s victory in Brazil, all users received a story from their new friend “Rio Live.”

2015 SMTULSA Conference Brings the Thunder

I met someone this week who said, “I remember when Social Media Tulsa first started, it was all about just show up.” I took that as a complement as SMTULSA has always been about welcoming anyone into the community.

I am incredibly grateful to all who have helped to make #SMTULSA what it is today. Since the first conference in 2011, my goal has been to provide a conference that prepares all of us for the challenges facing social and digital marketers and to become a community of caring, like minded professionals who are willing to work together. With your continued support we can do just that.

picatic image

The dates for the 2015 SMTULSA conference have been set. Before we go live using Picatic‘s crowdfunding option, please help us get to 100 supporters on ThunderClapit by simply clicking on one of the links to share our message. Crowdfunding is a great way to make the conference affordable and content rich.

The moment we launch the crowdsource event, you and other supporters will allow us to share one single message through either your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr feeds.  Everyone who wants to be part of this incredible conference and community will be notified that we are live on Picatic.

See what ThunderClapit is all about. It might just work for one of  your projects.

See who is already supporting us and add your support.

Thank you!

The Best SEO Advice

The best advice for search engine optimization comes from the search engines themselves. Sounds simple enough.  Google and Bing have Webmaster tools and videos that support here are a few of our favorite ways to stay up to date.