SnapChat’s Rio Live Story Receives Mixed Emoticons

SnapChat’s Rio Live Story Receives Mixed Emoticons

SnapChat might have had fun curating the WorldCup story from Rio, but users seemed to be more annoyed than entertained.

After Germany’s victory in Brazil, all users received a story from their new friend “Rio Live.”

2015 SMTULSA Conference Brings the Thunder

2015 SMTULSA Conference Brings the Thunder

I met someone this week who said, “I remember when Social Media Tulsa first started, it was all about just show up.” I took that as a complement as SMTULSA has always been about welcoming anyone into the community.

I am incredibly grateful to all who have helped to make #SMTULSA what it is today. Since the first conference in 2011, my goal has been to provide a conference that prepares all of us for the challenges facing social and digital marketers and to become a community of caring, like minded professionals who are willing to work together. With your continued support we can do just that.

picatic image

The dates for the 2015 SMTULSA conference have been set. Before we go live using Picatic‘s crowdfunding option, please help us get to 100 supporters on ThunderClapit by simply clicking on one of the links to share our message. Crowdfunding is a great way to make the conference affordable and content rich.

The moment we launch the crowdsource event, you and other supporters will allow us to share one single message through either your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr feeds.  Everyone who wants to be part of this incredible conference and community will be notified that we are live on Picatic.

See what ThunderClapit is all about. It might just work for one of  your projects.

See who is already supporting us and add your support.

Thank you!

The Best SEO Advice

The Best SEO Advice

The best advice for search engine optimization comes from the search engines themselves. Sounds simple enough.  Google and Bing have Webmaster tools and videos that support here are a few of our favorite ways to stay up to date.

The Worlds Greatest Social Media Strategy

The Worlds Greatest Social Media Strategy

Last week I attended the 2014 Demand Success Conference hosted by #SMTULSA sponsor and my friends at Vocus.
You know, That awesome thing on the back of our #smtulsa Conference Tshirts.

I’m very glad that I was able to attend this year. I live Tweeted a few of my favorite sessions and posted to Google+ through out the two day conference. The hardest part for me was to find just one thing to blog about.

I truly enjoyed the variety of topics that relate to marketing, pr, and social media.  Ann Handley gave a great talk about content. Randi Zuckerberg’s keynote about the future of digital marketing was enlightening. Chris Brogran talked about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Community. He uses the term Monchu, which means family. I can’t recommend his new book enough.

I’ve decided to write about the topic that  Avinash Kaushik, Co-Founder of Market Motive, Inc. and Goolge Digital Marketing Evangelist shared. Avinash talked about data and measurement. While he gave us an easy method to measure all of our digital content, I thought I’d share with you the points he made about social media and how to measure.

The World’s Greatest Social Media Strategy should: Entertain me, inform me, and Provide Utility.

“The crappiest (I’m paraphrasing here) metric in the world is how many Facebook Likes you have.”

Avinash from Vocus Demand Success Conference

Avinash showed us a couple of  Facebook brand pages with hundreds of thousands of page likes and no post likes or more importantly, no shares.  no amplification. “We all confuse large audiences with people who care..and they don’t.” he continued.

A good example he shared.

Innocent Drinks: What they contribute is a way to make you smile every single day. 

Facebook page example

The good news is that we should all be using  data and measurement to figure out what people care about most.

Avinash used the analogy of See Think and Do as a way to simplify and measure the right things in our digital efforts.

See Think Do Content measurement

See = Awareness.  SEO, Social Media, Youtube (minimally ppc)

Think = Intent.  PPC, Youtube (minimally social & email)

Do = Intent to purchase. PPC, SEO, Email (minimally affiliate programs)

He added another category

Care=Repeat customers. Youtube, Social, Email (less PPC, SEO)

“Social is really good at See and Care.”

Avinash left us with his 4 metrics to measure success on any social network.

1. Conversion Rate
how to measure social media
2. Amplification Rate
Amplification rate
Amplification rate #2
3. Applause Rate (The only place to use “likes” is at the post level)
Applause rate
Applause rate 2
4. Economic Value (Over a long period of time. Not right now)
how to measure social media

What is even better is that he gave us a site where we can do these calculations for ourselves And now I’ve shared it with you.

“Look at the consumer and look at the stages that they are in. Make sure that you have a content strategy, a marketing strategy, and a measurement strategy that is in tuned with that.”

This is the way to create success for the long run. Come back and tell me how you’ve been able to successfully develop (re-develop) a strategy and  measure your See, Think, Do, and Care.

#AskSMTULSA About Social Media Day

#AskSMTULSA About Social Media Day