#SMTulsa Conference Speaker Profile: Angel Adams @angelsadventure

What can I say about Angel.  After the 2012 conference, everyone had a crush on her.  If you missed her talk, you heard about it on Twitter.  Don’t miss her in 2013.


Angel Adams, Speaker #SMTulsa Social Media Conference


Angel’s topic: Crowdfunding: Grandma’s not the only one with the checkbook.
“This session is for anyone who thinks that they’re not a big enough to make a difference. The topic will be about my experience with crowdfunding and the adventure of raising money to fund a full length album.
I plan on sharing my background, my world crashing down around me after the end of my band, and how I stumbled upon and eventually rocked the heck out of my “all or nothing” Kickstarter project.”
I will be sharing my own story and experience with Kickstarter but I’ll also be sharing:
Traditional Fundraising vs. Funding on the Web Relationship building and the success that it brings to your project.Which Crowd-funding site is right for me? Here we’ll take a look at 10 different and successful crowdfunding platforms.

Angel Adams Bio: I’m an artist, traveler, drummer, aunt, sister, daughter, friend, songwriter, partner, mom and to some…a very slim margin, a comedian.I grew up exceptionally poor and we moved around a lot, living with various people. When I was 3 years old, I was involved in an accident that left my 1 year old sister severely burned. I was told that I had killed her.
Months later, I was able to see my baby sister for the first time and I started a long recovery from what they later called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After our healing began, my parents were finally able to buy some land and start building a house. When I was 6, we moved out to the country into our tiny little one room “shack” where I learned, with the rest of my siblings, how to live without running water, indoor plumbing or electricity. We were essentially a modern day “Little House on the Prairie” family.
By the time I turned 13 years old, my mom moved us to “the city”. We had running water and electricity. It was here that I would learn my love for music. For the first time, I was able to have a radio and listen anytime I wanted. I was enamored with entertaining and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. I only share all of this because, I am certain that these pieces of my life have allowed me to write the songs I write…and for that, I am grateful.

#SMTulsa Conference Speaker Profile: Patrick Allmond @PatrickAllmond

Patrick Allmond is back!  Last year, Patrick joined #SMTulsa conference and help attendees identify ways to rock social media (Super Hero Style).   This year, he’s back to talk about the best kept secret in social… Google+

Patrick’s topic:  Using Google Plus to be an Internet Rockstar

Google Plus (and everything around it) is one of the big hidden gems on the internet right now. Every smart internet marketer knows this and is spending time curating their presence there. Forget how your Facebook friends are mocking it: You and your business need to be there if you want to be taken seriously in the online world. In this session we are going to cover:

– Building a social platform on purpose. Why is Google+ doing what they are doing?
– Why video continues to blow up and how you can use it to foster your community. Welcome to Google hangouts and YOU television.
– MetaData: How Google and Google+ are adapting to give you more information better, and how you can start taking advantage of it in your business right now.
– Stop playing around on social media: How to use Google+ to build your “know, like, trust, try, buy” funnel.

Patrick’s Bio: Patrick Allmond, regular on-air social media contributor at Fox and KSBI TV, is a 14 year business veteran and speaker at Focus Inc. He spend his time taking ordinary businesses and turning them into internet rockstars. The website AllAboutFocus.com is the home of the YouTube “3in5″ video series, a weekly hands-on video where you can learn 3 rapid fire tips on how to improve your business and your online marketing.

Patrick is the author of the Amazon Kindle book ” Social Media Marketing Mojo” where he outlines a simple plan for small businesses to get started down the complicated road of social media. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, and is the founder and curator of their online marketing community.

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Leading up to Social Media Tulsa Conference 2013 we’ll be hosting a few #SMTulsa twitter chats to get you acquainted with our speakers and other attendees. Not sure how to join a Twitter chat?

The first will be next Tuesday at 1:00PM CST.

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#SMTulsa Conference Speaker Profile: Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS

Twitter friends first, Sheila and I met face to face when she was in Tulsa in 2012.  The moment she took a photo of her bacon popcorn to Tweet out before she dug-in, I knew we were birds of a feather.

#smtulsa conference speaker 2013
Sheila’s topic:  Best Hour of Learning You’ll Ever Spend: Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a professional development gold mine; they’re quickly becoming one of the best places to network and share knowledge, all packed into one fast-paced hour. Chats are also a great way to establish yourself as an industry thought leader. Learn how to find them, participate in them and maybe even start one of your own.Here is what you’ll take away from this session:

—> How to find the Twitter chats that matter for your specialty/areas of interest
—> How to participate in a chat; how to tweet in one and online chat tools to help you manage
—> How to start a Twitter chat yourself: scheduling, finding good topics, getting participation

Sheila’s Bio:  Sheila Scarborough is a writer and speaker specializing in tourism, travel and social media. She’s written for many blogs and print publications and is also a certified Navy Master Training Specialist, with years of experience as an instructor.

A 2010 “Austin American-Statesman” Texas Social Media Award winner and 2011 Clarion communications award winner, Sheila trains and speaks regularly about social media to a variety of audiences including journalists, public relations and marketing professionals, tourism and economic development experts and Chambers of Commerce.

Along with Becky McCray, Sheila co-founded Tourism Currents, which offers online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality.

She serves on the National Board of Directors and the Professional Development & Tech Resources Committee for the AWC (Association for Women in Communications,) she’s the Chair of Freelance Austin and was honored to be selected the 2012 Gladys Whitney Hearst Outstanding Chapter Member of AWC Austin. She also founded and runs #awcchat, a weekly online Twitter chat about a variety of communications topics.

A U.S. Navy veteran who is married with two children, Sheila is an NHRA drag racing fan because there’s one winner, one loser and no whining.


#SMTulsa Conference Speaker Profile: Marty Coleman @TheNapkinDad

What can I say about Marty?  The Napkin Dad, and local art and photography superstar.   This will be Marty’s third year as a speaker at #SMTulsa Conference.  This year we’ll get a chance to hear Marty’s expertise as a photographer.

 Marty Coleman Speaker 2013 Social Media Tulsa Conference
Marty’s Topic: The Compelling Image in the Age of Social Media
Having been a practicing portrait photographer and having used photographs extensively in my artwork for over 30 years, I have gone from film, with it’s days of development and weeks or months leading to image presentation to a discreet few to digital and the instantaneous presentation of the image to the entire planet.
What I learned on that journey can help you create images that people don’t just see but want to look at, that don’t just show a face or a building but tell a story from a specific point of view.
Some of the topics will be:

  • The eternal importance of composition
  • Why special effects are overrated (but not always).
  • How many images are too many images?
  • Why size matters (or why smaller is better)
  • What is ok to publish and what is not.

Come find out how you can build confidence in the visual component to your social media world, benefiting your story, your brand and your pocketbook.

Marty’s Bio: I am the owner of MAKE Photography and Design Studio, focusing on personal portraits in Black and White and Color. I am an exhibiting artist with photo-collage as my medium of choice over the past several years. I recently had an exhibition, ‘Velveteen Women’ at Living Arts Gallery in Tulsa.

I am also the owner of Napkin Dad Publishing, featuring The Napkin Dad Daily blog. The blog features drawings and quotes done on napkins with accompanying commentary on topics ranging from the profound and serious to the creative and fun. It has a world-wide audience and includes merchandise that features selected napkin images.