As 2012 draws to a close, Ericsson ConsumerLab has identified the hottest consumer trends for 2013 and beyond. For more than 15 years, ConsumerLab has conducted research into people’s values, behavior and ways of using ICT products and services.

Here are three of the 10 hot consumer trends for 2013 that I think will have the most impact on the City of Tulsa and the businesses and organizations within it.

City-dwellers go relentlessly mobile. By relentlessly accessing the internet always and everywhere, consumers are now an unstoppable force making internet truly mobile. Total smartphone subscriptions will reach 3.3 billion by 2018 and mobile network coverage is one of the most important drivers of satisfaction for city life.

This means local businesses will need to consider their mobile strategies, from Free wifi access to having their menus and order options online to help customers interact with their business in a way that saves them time and or money. 

Women drive the smartphone market. New figures clearly show that women drive mass-market smartphone adoption. No less than 97 percent of female smartphone owners use SMS. A total of 77 percent send and receive photos, 59 percent use social networking, 24 percent check in at locations and 17 percent redeem coupons. The figures for men are lower in these areas.

According to City of Tulsa Demographics, Tulsa’s population Male 49.6%;  Female 50.4%.  Companies would be wise to understand and cater to the needs of female smartphone users.

Cities become hubs for social creativity. City center dwellers have significantly more friends online than people in suburban areas. 12 percent of people that live in cities say that the main reason for using social networks is to connect and exchange ideas with others, making it the third most common reason for social networking after staying up-to-date with friends and keeping them updated.

We’ll celebrate the third straight social media conference in Tulsa in March 2013.  Interest is growing among the community to connect both online and offline.  The 2013 Social Media Tulsa Conference will help Tulsans make new connections, exchange and share ideas, and get up to date on the latest trends in social and mobile. 

Another point in Ericsson’s research that I think bodes well for Tulsa is the fact that young people’s behavior changes society and the internet gets put to new use in times of economic uncertainty.  Tulsa’s median age is 37.1.

As a social entrepreneur in Tulsa, I’m very excited about all of these trends and can’t wait to see how Tulsans respond.  Take a look at the infographic below.    Hope to see you at the 2013 Social Media Tulsa Conference.  



Source:  City of Tulsa 2012 Demographics

Source: Ericsson’s “10 hot consumer trends for 2013” report

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