Tulsa Named one of America’s 50 Best Cities via Bloomberg BusinessWeek @BW

While San Francisco ranked number 1, Tulsa comes in at a respectable  #38  on Bloomberg magazine’s America’s 50 Best Cities  list.  According to the article, greater emphasis was placed on leisure amenities this year.  The figures for the ranking came from data company Onboard Informatics and the nonprofit Trust for Public Land.

The post mentions just a few reasons Tulsa ranks so high on the list.

Bars: 109
Restaurants: 956
Museums: 15
Libraries: 21
Pro sports teams: 1
Park acres per 1,000 residents: 19
Colleges: 6
Percent with graduate degree: 6.2
Median household income: $53,059
Percent unemployed: 5.5


It appears the secret is out about Tulsa.  As a native Tulsan who has enjoyed returning home, I’m very happy to see the City of Tulsa getting such recognition.

While  I’m regretting the traffic problems that will most likely come from more people moving here, the more the merrier!  Come on down.

Read the entire post http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-09-26/san-francisco-is-americas-best-city-in-2012

Photo credit: Liphotography.com and Capturedcharms.com

Explore – Connect – Share ideas – Be inspired – Get Social at the 2013 #SMTulsa Conference

Social Media Tulsa Conference Photo Collage


Social Media Tulsa Conference is a two-day event comprised of keynotes, case study based sessions, a variety of presentations and an abundance of networking opportunities. Speakers from all over the country will flock to the historic Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, OK to share social media and mobile strategies that have the capacity to create success for businesses, bloggers, and non-profit organizations. Party Aficionado, LLC is excited to bring a Social Media Conference to Tulsa.  Be sure to secure your seats early as space is limited.

Why Attend #SMTulsa Conference?
Valuable sessions that will inform and inspire
Local and global thought leaders
2 days of idea sharing and networking
Web-based and mobile trendspotting

Who Should Attend Social Media Tulsa Conference?
Small business owners
Marketing managers
Non-Profit organizations
Video bloggers
Social media community managers
Local Government agencies and departments
Hospitality and Travel
Anyone wanting to understand and master new media and mobile technology

Testimonials from #SMTulsa Conference 2012
“I learned so much, and met some really great people. The conference didn’t just talk about social media. It provided tools, ideas, and inspiration on how to utilize social media to further you in your life, business, hobbies, and interests. I’m going to pass along what I’ve learned to others.” – Stephen Cale

“For me it was the perfect conference… great sessions, places, and spaces to hang out and connect with old friends or new ones when not attending a session. I enjoyed the flexibility to be as involved (or not) as I wanted.”
– Mandy Vavrinak

“For the second year in a row, I’ve learned so many valuable ways to use social media to reach more people for our non profit endeavors. I brought others with me this year – because there is SO much information to soak in – more ears were better than my two. GREAT CONFERENCE!” – Judi Grove

Hungry in Tulsa on a Sunday? Here is a list of independently owned restaurants open on Sunday

Tulsa Restaurants: Independently owned and open on Sunday

It all started with a Tweet from our friend Jenny Vergara. Many people chimed in on Facebook and Twitter with their favorite independently owned restaurants in Tulsa that are open on Sunday.

Storified by Cheryl Lawson · Tue, Sep 18 2012 15:50:27

I am serious. Someone needs to compile a list of independently owned restaurants in Tulsa that are open on Sundays. #starvingJenny Vergara
I’ve got @LuckysTulsa, @TavernTulsa, @andopizza, R Bar & Grill, Blue Rose Cafe, @LocalTable open tonight in Tulsa. Who am I missing?Jenny Vergara
I added the Tweet to the Social Media Tulsa Facebook Page. 
Hey SMTulsa FB fam. Can we help Jenny out …Facebook
Based on the comments, Tweets, and a few of my favorites I created a List on Foursquare.  Save the list for those hungry Sunday afternoons.
Independently owned and open on Sunday in TulsaA list of Social Media Tulsa’s favorite Independently owned restaurants that are open on Sunday. Enjoy! Join Social Media Tulsa http://ww…
Check out @partyaficionado’s List I found on @foursquare: Independently owned and open on Sunday in Tulsa http://4sq.com/UlwYrJTulsa Food Guy

Twitter Users Remember Where They Were During 9/11 via @Storify

On the Social Media Tulsa Facebook page, I started something called “Tools Tuesday” where I share some of my favorite social media and content creation websites. As I visited Storify this morning, it was easy to see why I enjoy using this site. I love that Mashable started this Storify. I remember I was in Riverside, CA on 9/11/2001. I woke up to unimaginable sites coming from New York. I remember bringing rabbit ears to work so that we could watch on the TV in my office. I remember feeling numb but still going through the motions of sending out emails, and doing “work”. I remember feeling bad for my co-worker whos birthday is September 11. I remember worrying about my cousin who often had to work at the Pentagon, or dozens of our employees preparing for a show in Pennsylvania and could have been on one of those flights. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I remember. Please feel free to share where you were.

Tulsans Welcome @Five_Guys Burgers and Fries Via Social Media

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Opens in Tulsa

Labor Day 2012, the popular burger chained opened it’s first restaurant in Tulsa, OK. Tulsans take to Social Media to share their excitement.

Storified by Cheryl Lawson · Mon, Sep 03 2012 20:51:08

@Five_Guys is OPEN in Tulsa!!JagerMunkey
YEAH! They leave @innout in the dust!! Best burgers ever! “@tulsafood: Five Guys Burgers Now Open in South Tulsa -http://t.co/jvzssFML”The Noshery
Check it out. Five Guys Burgers Now Open in South Tulsa | Tulsa Food http://tulsafood.com/south-tulsa/five-guys-burgers via @tulsafoodTom Doerner
Five Guys sets Tulsa opening for Labor Day http://www.tulsaworld.com/20120831_44_D1_ULNSie827624 via @tulsaworldJim Welch
@CarlsonMarc For the burger list: http://tulsafood.com/south-tulsa/five-guys-burgersAndrew Ferguson
Five Guys Burgers Now Open in South Tulsa – Acclaimed burger joint Five Guys has moved into Tulsa with its first loc… http://ow.ly/1mgVaotulsafood
Waiting in line at the new Five Guys Burgers in Tulsa http://pic.twitter.com/GeJlmmNutemmert
Waiting in line at the new Five Guys Burgers in Tulsa http://pic.twitter.com/GeJlmmNutemmert
@noellekilgore oh man, Tulsa got a Five Guys…those places are dangerous they’re so goodSpencer Smith
I think this new @Five_Guys in Tulsa has grossed more on opening day than the noodle place that used to be here did in all of 2011.Matt Nightingale
A new health food place opened here in Tulsa. @ Five Guys http://instagr.am/p/PIU7TXSy71/Matt Nightingale
RT @TheJimmyHart: 5 stars for Tulsa’s newly opened @Five_Guys http://pic.twitter.com/5kaOzEgTMichael McCulloh
RT @TheJimmyHart: 5 stars for Tulsa’s newly opened @Five_Guys http://pic.twitter.com/5kaOzEgTBo Breuklander
@CordellMonroe12 Tulsa has a Five Guys now.Bo Breuklander
5 stars for Tulsa’s newly opened @Five_Guys http://pic.twitter.com/5kaOzEgTJimmy Hart
Everybody and their momma here at the new Five Guys in tulsa. Like that Chick Fil A day a few weeks back. Lol http://via.me/-4qai6a0Joshua Dunlap
Tulsa is REALLY excited about our first Five Guys Burgers. Nearly 2 pm and line is out the doorCary Aspinwall
@Five_Guys is OPEN in Tulsa!! http://instagr.am/p/PH5zSAqw2U/Jimmer James Shirley
I hear the @Five_Guys is open in Tulsa, is this true twitterverse??Jimmer James Shirley
“@taketake13: Is five guys in tulsa open today? Def not tryna drive over there if it isn’t. Lol” hmmm why dont you call?Destiny Vinnett
At Five Guys grand opening in tulsa for lunch! Love this place! http://pic.twitter.com/6iWC3tdJMartha Vargas
Is five guys in tulsa open today? Def not tryna drive over there if it isn’t. LolJoshua Dunlap
They just opened a @Five_Guys in Tulsa. Can’t wait to try it.EmeraldPouncy-Thomas
Think ima go check out that new Five Guys Burgers and Fries place that just opened in Tulsa here soon. Hmmm…Joshua Dunlap
Five Guys opens in Tulsa! @ Five Guys http://instagr.am/p/PHpxONzB6m/Tim Cornett
The #first @Five_Guys burger in Tulsa, OK! #OpeningDay http://pic.twitter.com/mQGSTGL4Sam Pfanstiel
Very excited that @Five_Guys Burgers & Fries FINALLY opens in Tulsa today! Who’s comin’ with me!?!?Jimmy Hart
Went to the preview of the Five Guys in Tulsa. Grabbed a free dinner with Dad and now watching Iron man. #Sundayfunday{laraallen}
So far the response to Five Guys coming to Tulsa have ranged from "pretty damn" to "all the excites" to "so fuckin excited"Nick Juby
How excited should I be that a "Five Guys" is opening in Tulsa?Nick Juby
Tulsa is getting a Five Guys. @barnezydotcom’s response: hold up fist bump. My response: Are we not fat enough???Ali Barnes
While out and about in Tulsa last night, we discovered a Five Guys will be opening soon. So. Excited.Jaci Burton
FIVE GUYS IN TULSA?!??? I LOVE FIVE GUYS!!!!!! #FiveGuysEddie Grizzle
“@cwylie8642: In honor of Five Guys coming to Tulsa http://tmblr.co/ZK_3axRXZqEs” – I want to have a beer with this dude.Randy Lane
Are you all as excited about Five Guys opening on #LaborDay as I am?? #Tulsa #foodie http://ow.ly/dnuGKKathy Taylor
Five Guys in Tulsa. Yes. http://www.tulsaworld.com/scene/article.aspx?subjectid=274&articleid=20120831_44_D1_ULNSie827624Eric Gesinski
#Tulsa #Retail Five Guys Burgers and Fries schedules Labor Day opening http://lnkd.in/6XnNNvBrian Hunt, CCIM
Oh Tulsa, moving in a Five Guys feet from my apartment is a nice gesture, but theres still no way Im sticking around here.FriendsoftheProgram
Five Guys Burgers and Fries schedules Labor Day opening in #tulsa http://bit.ly/OBKZzW via @tulsaworldCaitlin Boewe
I just found a five guys in tulsa… heaven has come to this town.Max Kutz
What the what! There’s gonna be a Five Guys burger in South Tulsa!May
What the what! There’s gonna be a Five Guys burger in South Tulsa!May
If five guys comes to Tulsa, all my insanity will be in vain!! Jessica :-)