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The City of Tulsa Proclaims June 30 Social Media Day #SMTulsa #SMDAY

Tulsa joins the cities of New York, Toronto, Dublin, Las Vegas, Reno, San Jose, Tampa, San Carlos, and San Diego in officially recognizing Social Media Day.   In addition, proclamations have been issued by the states of Nevada and Arizona.

I’m so excited to announce that Mayor Bartlett has proclaimed June 30th Social Media Day in Tulsa!

Our 3rd annual #SMDAY is going to be a blast!

You can download a copy of the proclamation below. 

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Social Media Tulsa, the area’s most active social media group, announced today that Mayor Dewey Bartlett has proclaimed June 30, 2012, Social Media Day in Tulsa.

Social Media Day is a global celebration of the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate, and have their voices heard. Mashable launched the event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution.

The Tulsa proclamation is a testament to the growing importance of social media in city government, businesses, and non-profit organizations. In a recent study by the University of Illinois at Chicago, city governments were ranked on their use of social media, Tulsa ranked number 22. The research was based on content analysis of government websites in the 75 largest U.S. cities.

2012 has been a busy year for Social Media Tulsa (#SMTulsa). The second annual Social Media Tulsa conference was held in March, a Turn Tulsa Pink Meetup occurred in April, and a meetup during the Tulsa Shock Social Saturday WNBA game last weekend. The proclamation is another milestone in this growing social media community in Tulsa.

“I am very excited that we’re celebrating the third Social Media Day in Tulsa,” said Cheryl Lawson of Party Aficionado and Founder of Social Media Tulsa. “It has been a passion of mine to grow Tulsa’s social media community to be one of shared knowledge and experiences, inclusion, and support for local businesses.”

“I’m grateful that Mayor Bartlett signed the proclamation to include Tulsa as one of the official cities, celebrating Social Media Day. This is the icing on the proverbial cake for our third annual Social Media Day event.”

More photos and talking points via Pitch Engine.

The Best Social Media Cities — Tulsa Ranks #22

In a recent  study   by the University of Illinois at Chicago ranking city government’s use of social media, Tulsa ranked 22 (Tied with Baltimore Maryland and Anchorage Alaska).    The research was based on content analysis of government websites in the 75 largest U.S. cities and 20 largest Illinois cities between March and the beginning of May 2011.

Among the cities in the study, 87% used Twitter and Facebook an compared to 25% and 15% in 2009.  YouTube links appeard for 75% of major U.S. cities up from 16% in 2009.

See the full study below.

Find the City of Tulsa’s Social networking sites.




This Summer, Check in to Tulsa Area Farmers’ Markets via @LoriCainRE

Another reason to love social media is that you don’t always have to create content yourself. Sometimes one of your friends does it and all you have to do is link to it.

Many of us are interested in supporting local businesses and eating more chemical free foods. The farmer’s market has traditionally been the place where you can do both. After my recent lab results, my doctor has put on an anti inflammatory diet.  One based on more fruits, vegetables, and organic products (Gluten and dairy free too).

farmers’ market consists of individual vendors—mostly farmers—who set up booths, tables or stands to sell produce, meat products, fruits and sometimes prepared foods and beverages.  Farmers markets add value to communities.

There is a Farmer’s market Monday – Saturday.  Click here to check out Lori’s post and the full list of  Tulsa Area Farmer’s Markets.

Let your friends know when by checking in and sharing what you find.  I’ve started a list on Foursquare based on Lori’s list.

If there are other locations, please add their Foursquare link to the comments and I’ll get them on the list.