Cheryl Lawson and Tulsa Food Guy talking about Social Media Tulsa Conference on KTUL - Tulsa

Social Media Tulsa Conference @GoodmorningOK

Early this morning I joined Tulsa Food Guy, Tyson Caldwell, Laura Moss, and Keith Taylor at Savoy Restaurant in Tulsa to talk about Social Media Tulsa Conference. When I say early, I really mean before coffee. Arg! :). Hope to see you at Social Media Tulsa Conference March 15-16.

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Carlos Moreno Speaker

Starting a Business? Join Carlos Moreno’s Session: Bootstrapper’s Toolbox at #SMTulsa Conference

You’ve got to be some kind of millionaire to start a new business, right?  WRONG!  Says Carlos Moreno. In his Social Media Tulsa Conference Session, Bootstrapper’s Toolbox: Software, Tools, and Resources every entrepreneur needs to build their business on a (tiny!) budget.  Carlos will discuss how to register a new business in the state of Oklahoma, […]

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Social Media Tulsa Conference Speaker, Doug Stewart

Learn About Traffic Building Plugins for WordPress with Doug Stewart #SMTulsa Conference 2012

Doug Stewart is the owner of DSC Web Services, Inc.   Doug built his first website back in 1998. You’ve probably seen his blog Power to Fight the Big Boys where he shares the tips and tricks he’s learned over the years. In December,  I posted a question on Google+ asking for favorite WordPress plugins.   Doug […]

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Tulsa Food Guy. Panel Social Media Tulsa

Catch @TulsaFoodGuy ‘s Food in Social Media Panel w/ @Jvergara @LauraNealMoss & @JulieChin at #SMTulsa Conference

The Food in Social Media Panel will examine food trends in Social Media; the effects of blogging and social media on the food service industry, recipes and cooking; and how to make your foodie-centric website stand out.

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Love and Social Media

Love and Social Media

On this Valentine’s Day, Love is not only in the air. It’s on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, and other Social Networking sites. Here’s just a gimps of how people are expressing their love in social media.   [View the story “Love and Social Media” on Storify]

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Tulsa blog community Social Media Tulsa

Live Blogging #SMTulsa Conference? Visit the Blogger’s Lounge Sponsored by @Vocus

Tulsa has a very strong blogging community.  This year, we’re making it easy to blog live during the 2012 Social Media Tulsa Conference thanks to cloud-based marketing and PR software leader, Vocus. A liveblog is a blog post which is intended to provide a rolling textual coverage of an ongoing event, similar to Live television or live radio. Liveblogging has increased in […]

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#SMTulsa Conference Mobile Web App

Social Media Tulsa Conference Mobile Web App #SMTulsa

The Social Media Tulsa Conference 2012 mobile web app is designed to be in sync with the online conference agenda including any last minute changes.   In our effort to minimize the environmental impact, the #SMTulsa conference mobile web app will eliminate the need to print out paper schedules for attendees. To access the site, attendees […]

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Social Media Tulsa 2012 Speaker

Learn How Angel Adams Funded her $6,800 Music Project with @Kickstarter #SMTulsa

After a quick search for Tulsa area projects on “The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects,”  I found the project from Angel Adams.   Angel needed the funding to create a 10 song album, written, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and distributed.  The cost, $6,800.00. I checked back a few weeks later to find […]

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Book Preview during Social Media Tulsa Conference 2012

Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy #SMTulsa

Small Town Rules co-author, Becky McCray, returns to Tulsa to Keynote day two of #SMTULSA Conference March 15-16, 2012 Becky McCray Previews her 2012 #SMTulsa Conference Keynote from Social Media Tulsa on Vimeo. “All business has to play by small town rules now. When every one of your customers can talk to everyone else, it’s […]

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Power2U Wall Social Media Tulsa Conference Sponsor

Make Your Walls “Today Ready” with Power2U UL approved AC/USB Wall Outlet #SMTulsa

Make Your Walls "Today Ready" with Power2U UL approved AC/USB Wall Outlet

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