The Napkin Dad Explains: The Six Stop Signs on Creativity Road at #SMTulsa Conference 2012

Social Media Tulsa Conference speaker, Marty ColemanAfter following Marty Coleman aka @TheNapkinDad on Twitter for a while, I invited him to share his story at the 2011 Social Media Tulsa Conference.   As I watched the #SMTulsa stream during his talk.  I saw a Tweet that read  something like; “@TheNapkinDad Just made me cry #smtulsa.”   I thought:  Either Marty was clubbing people on the head with a stick, or his story was resonating with the audience.   To my joy, it was the latter.

Marty Coleman is the blogger/owner of The Napkin Dad Daily. He became the Napkin Dad when he was unemployed and making his daughters’ lunches for them to take to Middle and High School. Being an artist he would draw a drawing with a quote on the napkins he put in their lunches. His hope was that he could impart a bit of wisdom, humor and insight to his daughters in a way that wouldn’t require them sitting down and having to suffer through a lecture from dad.

That small, insignificant daily effort for his daughters lasted over 4 years and ended up getting him national and local attention, exhibitions, speaking engagements, and is a major component of his work as the owner of MAKE Studio – a creative studio of art, photography and design in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In response to requests he has created Napkin Dad merchandise including books, t-shirts, cups and greeting cards. He continues, over 12 years after the beginning of the story, to draw a napkin every day that goes out to an international audience on his blog and other social networks.

The take-a-ways from Marty’s session,  The Napkin Dad Explains: Six Stop Signs on Creativity Road:

1. You will learn the reasons why YOU put that stop sign in front of you in the first place.
2. For those times the stop sign can’t be removed, you will learn how to use your creativity to go ‘off-road’.
3. You will learn that helping others see their stop signs will help you move faster to your goal.

If you’re in Tulsa, you still have a few days to catch Marty’s Velveteen Women Exhibit at the Living Arts Museum.

Attempted - Velveteen Woman Debbie by Marty Coleman

Don’t miss Marty’s session.
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Brand Strategist @LizStrauss to Keynote #SMTulsa Conference 2012

Liz Strauss will deliver the opening keynote for the 2012 #SMTULSA Conference. The All-Star speaker line-up includes; Becky McCray, Gina Schreck, Charley Johnson, Mandy Vavrinak, Marty Coleman, Judi Grove, Carlos Moreno, Filiberto Gonzalez, Patrick Allmond, Mike Petras, Doug Stewart, and me.

Watch these wonderful interviews from BlogHer.

“Knowing where you’re going is irresistibly attractive and being irresistible is a strategy,” said Strauss. “Strategy is a realistic plan to leverage opportunity. That starts with a clear vision and mission. A focused mission makes the roadblocks irrelevant and turns challenges into opportunities.”

When we walk away from Social Media Tulsa Conference, I want all of us to be inspired, motivated, and armed with new connections and friends. I’m confident that Liz and all of our speakers will provide us with the tools to begin strategies that meet both our personal and business goals.

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STOP SOPA & PIPA! Contact Your Representative Via Facebook And Twitter

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate.

The bills ostensibly go after Internet pirates, but are so broadly worded as to implicate legitimate businesses. If passed, they will mean more litigation and damage to the innovation economy, bloggers and social media enthusiasts and users.

While SOPA is temporarily stalled in the House, the Senate plans to bring PIPA for a vote next week, even though most  Americans are opposed.

Stand up for our innovation economy: contact your Senators today and tell them to say NO to PIPA!

Contact your Member of Congress today by clicking the option below and tell them to oppose PIPA and SOPA!  Now is the time to let your voice be heard!

Contact your Senator about PIPA here.
Contact your House representative about SOPA here.

You can also contact your representatives easily via Facebook or Twitter, a powerful and effective way to make your voice heard on this critical issue!

Contact your represetatives via social media here.

Thank you.
Cheryl Lawson

Source: The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CEA’s Innovation Movement

Win a #Kodak Zi8 from #SMTulsa and Watch What’s Next from @KodakCB

Party Aficionado at Kodak Booth CES It’s always fun to run into my tweeps when I travel.   It was great to see Kodak’s chief blogger  during my trip to the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

I love using my zi8, but I was really excited to see what Kodak has coming up in 2012.

Watch my interview with Kodak’s chief blogger to see the all new The Kodak PlayFull Dual Video Camera  and Kodak EasyShare M750 Wireless Camera.

For those of you on Facebook,  you’ll love the new Kodak Photo Collage Print App.  It pulls photos from your Facebook albums and creates a fun collage you can print out on your inkjet printer.

In previous meetups, we’ve talked about how videos and photos are great ways to create content for blogs, websites, and all of the social networking sites.  After mentioning how much I enjoy shooting with my zi8, Jennifer gave me one to give away!

Here’s how you can win it!


Hit the Like button on the Social Media Tulsa Facebook Page.

1. Add a comment (or video)  Explaining why you should win the Kodak Zi8.


1. Hit the Tweet button at the top to send link to this post.


2. Create your own tweet. Include the #SMTulsa and #Kodak hashtags. Example:

Sample Tweet:  I want to win the #kodak zi8 from #smtulsa because (fill in the blank) 

Sample Tweet:  #SMTulsa is giving away a #Kodak #zi8  Check it out

Sample Tweet:  If I win the #Kodak zi8 I’ll use it during the 2012 #SMTulsa Conference!

The contest will run through the end of  January.  The winner to be announced during our February Meetup.


2012 International #CES Interview with Tulsa based @PhoneDoctors

I ran into Tulsa based, Phone Doctors at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

I’m going to head to the 41st location next to finally have my NexusS screen fixed!

About Phone Doctors
Phone Doctors has been providing repair and replacement services for consumers since 2003. Today Phone Doctors also serves as a complete solution provider for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow smartphone repair businesses. Phone Doctors is based in Tulsa, OK and can be found online at