#SMTulsa Summit was a #blast !

Photo of Stephanie with a USB drive at #SMTulsa Thumbsup4homeless meetupHello fellow denizens! It’s me, Stephanie aka @Glam__Slam and I’m back! I wanted to share with you all the wonderful time I had at our recent  first official #SMTulsa Summit meetup at @TulsaTech.  Denizens gathered  to learn from our presenters who came to share their experiences and expertise on the power of social media, effective ways to use social media to promote your business, tips on social media networking and much more.  Speakers presenting were @HardlyNormal Mark Horvath, our very own Cheryl Lawson @PartyAficiondao and @SocMediaTulsa, @Mandy_Vavrinak and Carlos Moreno @chimchim237.

Judi Grove

The atmosphere was entrepreneurial, motivating and all done with a wonderful “pink glow” to honor @TurnTulsaPink  aka the fabulous Judi Grove; proceeds from the event were used to purchase Turn Tulsa Pink T-shirts.

I consider myself a avid social media user and practitioner (I mean, I am very much addicted to Twitter and couldn’t imagine my life without it), but by no means would I consider myself an expert.  I myself just started my own website and blog, so I was greatly looking forward to learning more about how to use it to help promote my site. I must say that I was blown away and learned so much at this event!

Social Media Tulsa speaker Mark Horvath photo

Our first speaker was the one and only @HardlyNormal aka Mark Horvath from @Invisiblepeople. Mark shared with us his incredible story of how he started @Invisiblepeople with only $45, a laptop, social media and an IPhone.  I learned from Mark that you don’t have to have a ton of money or resources to start and the harnessing the power of social media is the best thing you can do.

Cheryl Lawson Social Media Tulsa Speaker

Next, our fearless leader herself Cheryl Lawson @SocMediaTulsa and @PartyAficiondao, worked her magic and graced us with her amazing social media wisdom and more than anyone else, further reinforced and impressioned on me how effective social media is and what an integral tool it is to promoting your business and your brand. We’re going to call her the “social media goddess”.  What do you guys think? I think she deserves the title! :)

Speaker Social Media Tulsa, Mandy Vavrinak

As the summit continued, myself and all denizens in attendance learned  how important it is to truly promote your “brand” to your audience and how to effectively tell the “story” of you or your business. The most interesting thing I learned during this part of the summit, is that  even if you’re tweeting about what you had for lunch today, if it really speaks to who you are and reinforces your “brand”, that even this is content.  I never thought of this before, but the more I though about it, the more I realized how right she is! By she, I mean the awesome PR, marketing and social media machine of @Mandy_Vavrinak of Crossroads Communications, LLC.

Carlos Moreno speaker, Social Media Tulsa
Additionally, I also learned from the genius of whom I am know going to call “The WordPress Man”, Carlos Moreno @chimchim237 owner of Auryn Creative.  Carlos is a WordPress expert and is someone whom I now know that I can go to with any WordPress question I have, as I know he’ll have the answer!

I am so glad I was able to attend this event and I have to say I left feeling so confident in how to more effectively use social media and now more than ever truly believe in the power of social media! Because of what I learned here, I know I now have the tools to grow my own blog and that “the sky is the limit”. Most importantly though to me,  thanks to the amazing man who is Mark Horvath, I am more inspired than ever. Mark proved to me that all it takes is a little inspiration and motivation to achieve great success and go after your dream! :)

This first summit was so awesome, that I know can’t wait for our next one!

To see full presentation from our speakers, visit the Social Media Tulsa page at: http://socialmediatulsa.com/2011/10/21/smtulsa-social-media-summit-2011-recap/

Note:  I was provided free access to this event via our gracious leader Cheryl Lawson.  In exchange for her kindness and charity to myself, “Miss Budgetnista” (Like that? I made it up myself. Kind of a combo of fashionista and budget. The term kind of describes me at the moment.  Haha! ), I wrote a blog post regarding the event.

Until next time my fellow denizens!

The Face of Homelessness

Mike and his 6 year-old daughter Taylor live in a homeless shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mike was hurt at work and without income they lost everything.

Although I was there, I still teared up watching the video. A 6 & 1/2 year old girl with only one wish is heart breaking. I am thankful to Tulsa’s Salvation Army Center of Hope for having services for a single dad. I pray that Mike can find work and that he and Taylor will get their shared wish.

Special thanks to Hyatt Regency Tulsa who hosted Mark Horvath during his visit to Tulsa.
The Salvation Army for allowing us to tour the Center of Hope and meet Mike and Taylor
The Day Center  and Changing Lives Outreach Ministry for giving mark a tour of the Day Center.
Follow  & support the businesses  who help:




Follow Mark’s entire visit to Tulsa via Storify

#SMTulsa Social Media Summit 2011 – Recap

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare, and Google Plus have forever changed the way we communicate, connect, and consume information.
Social Media Tulsa, the area’s most active social media group, has rapidly become the place for thought leaders and newbies alike to share social media’s best practices while going beyond the technology.

Homeless Advocate, Mark Horvath joined the lineup to to share how Invisiblepeople.tv uses social media on his quest to end homelessness.

Tulsa Social Media Summit speaker, Mark Horvath aka @HardlyNormal

#SMTulsa founder, Cheryl Lawson, began by getting attendees acquainted with the nuances of social networks and help them to begin to create a strategy, pick which sites work best, and how to best manage the time investment.

PR and Communications specialist, Mandy Vavrinak then demonstrated the importance of creating content for a brand/project.

Web Designer, Carlos Moreno took attendees from zero to sixty, using WordPress to run a website: From installing WordPress and installing a theme to creating pages and posts.

Judi Grove was in full pink tutu to share the many events and dates of the “Turn Tulsa Pink” campaign.

Photographer, Captured Charms was on hand to captured it all.

Special thanks to Tulsa Tech for hosting the Summit!

Tulsa Tech Logo

#GASupTweetup @MurphyUSA With Homeless Advocate @HardlyNormal

Hey Tulsa Tweeps!

Here is your opportunity to meet Mark Horvath aka @HardlyNormal and help with his efforts to end homlessness.

#GAsupTweetup on your lunch hour. 12-1PM
We’re asking Tweeps to bring hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, soap,deodorant.   New, dollar store, or slightly used!

The donated items will be provided to Tulsa’s Changing Lives Outreach Ministry. (Recently profiled on News on 6)

Murphy USA is one of the sponsors of Invisible.Tv’s International Road Trip. They are excited to host our Tweetup

RSVP via Twitter http://twtvite.com/gasuptweetup

For more information, visit Social Media Tulsa on Meetup


Follow Mark’s Journey via Cheap Gas Blog




#SMTulsa Welcomes Homeless Advocate Mark Horvath @HardlyNormal

The InvisiblePeople.tv project – the nationally-recognized nonprofit that tackles poverty and homelessness using the power of social media – is set to launch its first international road trip. Mark Horvath, homeless advocate, creator of InvisiblePeople.tv and “one of the top activists to follow on Twitter” according to Huffington Post, will make his way across the U.S. and Canada over the next four months to raise awareness and smash stereotypes about the plight of North America’s homeless.

On any given night, more than one million people sleep without a home to call their own. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 80 percent of individuals and 90 percent of families are homeless due to economic reasons.

Since its launch in November 2008, InvisiblePeople.tv has leveraged the power of video and the massive reach of social media to share the compelling, gritty, and unfiltered stories of homeless people from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. The InvisiblePeople.tv road trips provide Horvath a chance to document the stories of homeless across the country, share them with the world and try to bring about positive change in their lives and in society as a whole.

The 2011 International Road Trip is co-sponsored by GMC, Hanes, Murphy Oil (USA) Petro-Canada (Canada), TubeMogul, Virgin Mobile Canada, Pitch Engine, and Delta Hotels. The trip will take Horvath and InvisiblePeople.tv to 34 cities throughout Canada and the U.S.

Thanks to Social Media Tulsa, Mark will stop in Tulsa, OK October 19-21. Mark will meet with Tulsa homeless advocate Bernadette McQueen of Changing Lives Outreach Ministries, and visit The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope. On his way out, Mark will recap his Tulsa visit with a stop at a local Murphy USA.

Mark will also be a speaker at the #SMTulsa Social Media Summit, scheduled Thursday evening at Tulsa Tech. Mark will share how and why he chose social media and specifically Youtube.

After my friend Marla Schulman connected the dots between me and Mark, I’ve coordinated the last minute plans mostly through Social Media.

 Update: The Hyatt Regency in Downtown Tulsa ( @HyattTulsa ) has agreed to host Mark during his stay.    Amazing!  Please show some Love to their Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/HyattRegencyTulsa

Mark is doing such great work, I’m honored to have him visit Tulsa.

To schedule an interview with Mark during his trip, contact Cheryl[at]Partyaficioando[dot]com.