It all started with a Tweet about a Massage

Social Media Tulsa member Zachary Avery is definitely a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for a massage therapist in Tulsa, he is your guy.

After a few well timed tweets, how could I resist a FREE massage AND and opportunity to learn more about one of our denizens.

After my massage, I went digging through my wallet to tip Zachary what ever cash I had on me. It was truly one of the best massages I’ve every had, and I couldn’t wait to Tweet that out.

But wait, this was a social media case study in the making, so the following week I went back over to Knead it or Knot and this time to interview Zachary about his business and how he is using social media to find success. In our talk, Zachary also shares how #SMTulsa denizens can get the family discount.

#SMTulsa Interview w/ @Zachary_Avery from Social Media Tulsa on Vimeo.

To learn more about visit
Knead It or Knot: Bodywork by Zaque​

Breaking down the Social Media: Storify and Twitter Slide show
1. Favorite tweets
2. Log in to
3. Create an account
4. Click on Twitter Favorites link
5. Slide the Tweets into your Story
6. Save and publish your story

Camera used Kodak Zi8

Now to get that meetup scheduled: #smtulsa #massagemeetup with @Zachary_Avery who’s with me?!

A conversation with #140conf founder, Jeff Pulver #SMTulsa

Cheryl Lawson, Becky McCray, Jeff Pulver PhotoSerendipity is when someone finds something that they weren’t expecting to find.  That certainly describes what has happened since  my first #140conf experience in Los Angeles, 2009.   The experience, the friends, the connections I’ve made are what inspired Social Media Tulsa.   When I said ‘Jeff Pulver gave birth to #SMTulsa’ I really meant it.

During the #140Conf road trip, Alan Weinkrantz , Jeff Pulver , Becky McCray made a stop off in Tulsa on their way to Alva, OK.

After some great BBQ from Back Alley Tulsa  , I went to the car to grab the Zi8 and recorded a quick interview with Jeff about #140conf, the real time web, and my mom?  Yep.  Enjoy.

#SMTulsa interview with @Jeffpulver from Social Media Tulsa on Vimeo.

Third Thursday Poetry Night & #Thumbsup4Homeless Meetup

In June, I wrote a post entitled Thumbs Up for Homeless  inspired by a post by Mark Horvath . Mark  wrote:

“When you are living on the streets it’s nearly impossible to carry files and paperwork. Many people experiencing homelessness keep their resumes and important documents on USB thumb drives.  Something as simple as a flash drive can be a huge help.”

“This got me thinking; we all have extra USB flash drives not being used. Often they are given to us as swag at conventions. I bet you all have a few lying around. So let’s put those old thumb drives we are not using to good use by giving a “thumbs up” to a homeless friend.”

Social Media Tulsa member  Randall Weisss  comment on the post, further confirmed that this was something we should do in Tulsa.

In July, Randall invited me to one of his poetry readings.   I got to know a lot more about what Randall does, and who Randall is.   During our conversation, Randall told me about Third Thursday Poetry  , that idea generated another idea.   What if we combined the poetry reading event with a Thumbs up for Homeless meetup…. and it’s a GO! 

Bonus!  Social Media Tulsa member and poet, Regina Ann  will also be reading.

Click on the Join us link to your right, or RSVP on our Meetup page.  Thursday August 18, 2011.   Bring your USB thumb drivesWe will donate them to help Tulsa’s homeless keep their resumes, photos, and important documents safe.   

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