What is Social Media Tulsa? [Infographic] #SMTulsa

A Demographic Infographic.

Social Media Tulsa celebrated it’s one year anniversary on June 30th, 2011. Within that year, we have gone from Meetup to Conference.

Social Media Tulsa conference 2012 dates have been announced. I wanted to put together a post to help potential sponsors and partners understand just what (and who) Social Media Tulsa is all about. Take a look at this cool infographic .

What is Social Media Tulsa

If you would like to sponsor Social Media Tulsa Conference 2012, please feel free to contact Me.


How to add Social Media Tulsa Members to Your Circles on Google+

Since the launch of Google plus on June 28th, Tulsa’s social media enthusiasts have been rushing to join.  As early adopters, #SMTulsa members are learning the ins and outs together.

Here is a list of Social Media Tulsa Denizens on Google Plus to add to your circles.   +Amanda Burr +Tiffannie Croll +Lindsay Sparks +Allison Broyles +Carlos Moreno +Heather Cupp +Mandy Vavrinak +Josh Ploch +Kate MacKinnon +Kelly Kinkaid +kristin widun +April Hammons +Lauri Rottmayer +Scott Grizzle +Randall Weiss +Stephen Cale +Ronald Skelton +Ron Hudson +Natasha Mitchell +Jeana Deshazer +Scott Townsend  +Joan Vasquez  +Cheryl Lawson +Kevin Hoff +Cassie Smith +Rhiannon Leach +Natasha Ball

Still need an invite?  Join the meetup group to learn how you can join the G+





How to use Google+

Instead of giving you just my view of Google+ I’ve decided to share with you the conversations, posts, tweets, and videos from the first two weeks of it’s existence.

There is a good mix of fun and helpful information to help you get started. As you can see, Google+ was announce on June 28, 2011. This is the story of the first two weeks. If you’d like to connect, You can find me via Cheryl Lawson. I am working on a list of Social Media Tulsa Denizens on G+.

How Has Social Media Changed Your Life? @TulsaFoodGuy Answers

During the Social Media Day celebration at the all new Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge, I asked a few of the attendees the question: “How Has Social Media Changed Your Life?” Tulsa Food Guy answers, shares his favorite Tulsa restaurant, and gives his take on the Food Truck trend.

#SMTulsa Interview with @TulsaFoodGuy on #SMDay from Social Media Tulsa on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Capturedcharms.com