Social Media Tulsa to Celebrate Mashable’s #SMDay 2011 with a #SMTulsa Meetup

Mashable has announced that the second annual Social Media Day will be held Thursday, June 30, 2011. The global event is a celebration of the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate from miles apart,and have their voices be heard.

Social Media Tulsa began on Social Media Day 2010 in the historic Greenwood district, and the planning for Social Media Day 2011 has begun.

“There’s no better way to celebrate the revolution of media becoming a social dialogue than by socializing with your online community offline,” said Meghan Peters, Mashable writer.

“Social Media Tulsa is full of talented and influential people from all backgrounds, using the tools of the social web to enhance their lives,” explained Cheryl Lawson of Party Aficionado, LLC and Founder of Social Media Tulsa. “With over 200 members, I can’t wait to connect with everyone on Social Media Day.”

From monthly meetups to a full-fledged social media conference, Social Media Tulsa has been an active and productive group. Several businesses have recognized the power of social media buzz and have gladly invited the group to their restuarants, hotels, and venues for events.

There are several ways you can participate in Social Media Day Tulsa.

We Live to Fight Another Day

Well, Not every meetup can be a home run or get the swarm badge.  Have no fear!  We WILL try again.  Not because I’m obsessed with the swarm badge,  but because I really want people and businesses in Tulsa to see the value of participating in location based opportunities.  

It’s also fun when you check in to a place like Mayfest, and find out your friends are there at the same time… You can coordinate a meeting place and have a corn dog together!

Not sure about Location based services and how they can benefit your business? The best advice I can give is try, get started. Here is cool case study to get your creative juices flowing:

Restaurant Owner Increases Sales by 110% with Foursquare Swarm Badge Party

Social Media Tulsa goes after the Swarm Badge

What’s the buzz?!
The planning has begun for our one year anniversary meetup. Social Media Day June 30, 2011.

Social Media Day is Social Media Tulsa’s one year anniversary. Log on to the Social Media Tulsa Meetup site to see what we’re cooking up.

Up Next! #SMTulsa @Mayfest Swarm Badge Meetup

If there was ever a chance for us to earn the Swarm Badge on Foursquare! This would be it. We only need 50 people to check in on Foursquare to get the Swarm Badge!

How to get the Swarm Badge?

Simply checkin to a location that 50+ other people have already checked into in the last three hours.

Let’s get the very first Social Media Tulsa swarm badge during the Mayfest Meetup.
Get stared by signing up on

If you’re already signed up, add Tulsa International Mayfest venue to your Foursqure to do list so you can easily find it on May 21st!

Spread the news! RSVP for the Meetup and share it with your friends and followers.

Social Media Tulsa's Mayfest Meetup

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“What you say about where you are says something about where you are.” Blake Ewing Let’s tell the world about Mayfest Tulsa!

Social Media for Social Good: @TurnTulsaPink Launches at Social Media Tulsa Meetup #SMTulsa

Social Media Tulsa Turn Tulsa Pink Meetup Photos by Captured Charms Photography