It’s about the people…

….And Tulsa.

Social Media Tulsa started as a part of Mashable’s Social Media Day on June 30, 2010.

When I moved back to Tulsa and getting settled in, I noticed a post about Social Media Day from one of @Imajackrussell ‘s Twitter followers. A quick Google search, let me to Mashable’s Meetup Everywhere page. With only a couple of weeks until the events, there were hundreds of meetups scheduled around the world on this day. Under Tulsa, it said “be the first in this community.” OK! Then a message similar to this meetup needs an organizer. OK again.

Using Twitter, Facebook, Prweb, and no sleep. I started finding people and places to make this event happen in my home town.

I am a pretty visual person, so one of my first tasks was to have my designers create a logo. Mashable’s logo was a fun image with a llama. I wasn’t sure what the llama represented, but I knew I wanted to use a symbol that said Tulsa to me.

Although admittedly, I have a strange fear of statues, the first thing that came to mind was the Golden Driller. When I think of home, that is the symbol. When I asked my logo person to create a logo, I asked him to replace the llama with the Golden Driller. There are tons of images on the web of the big guy, and when he sent the logo back, I was thrilled and went live with it as the symbol for our meetup group.

Fast forward eight months, and over 160 members of the meetup group, I decided it was time to switch the mix a little. Our meetups have been mostly social with a little education, a conference would be more education and a little social.

After inviting the local newspaper to join us, I learned that the image of the Driller we used in the  logo we created was an image created by one of their artists and used on their site in 2009. Yikes! (A High I mistake) Totally my fault for not noticing.

So here’s what I did. I apologized to the newspaper person, told them that I would change the logo and remove it from the site and all other places.  Updated….   We will make another attempt to change the logo.   I sent a request out on Twitter to get a photo of the Driller that we can use in the logo.   We’ve already received one, and hopefully will get another shortly so we can create the image from a photo and have no resemblance of their image.

What was so refreshing about this exercise was, as i removed the logo, Social Media Tulsa still lived. The smiling faces, people having a good time learning and connecting.  Social Media Tulsa was not changed. The heart/brand/community of Social Media Tulsa is not about a logo, It’s about the people.  I have said that many times.  It was nice to actually see.  (and be reminded)

I don’t like making mistakes, especially the kind where I should know better, but I am happy it happened, and happy it happened when it did.  Will I make mistakes again? Based on the past 45 years, I’d bank on it. Will it be this one? Let’s hope not.

I’m still a visual person and the Golden Driller will always represent home to me, so here is the new Social Media Tulsa logo, with the Golden Driller….and an ode to the #SMTulsa community.  Can you find it?

About the Golden Driller:

It was originally built in 1953 by the Mid-Continent Supply Company of Fort Worth for the International Petroleum Exposition. Six years later, it was temporarily erected again for the 1959 show. Due to the positive attention it attracted, the company donated the statue to the Tulsa County Fairgrounds Trust Authority which had it permanently installed in front of the Tulsa Expo Center for the 1966 International Petroleum Exposition. The statue’s right hand rests on an oil derrick which had been moved from a depleted oil field in Seminole, Oklahoma.
An inscription at the base of the statue reads: “The Golden Driller, a symbol of the International Petroleum Exposition. Dedicated to the men of the petroleum industry who by their vision and daring have created from God’s abundance a better life for mankind.”

In 1979, the Golden Driller was adopted by the Oklahoma Legislature as the state monument. Via Wikopedia

Social Media Tulsa TV

From the beginning, Vimeo was created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work, along with intimate personal moments of their everyday life.  As time went on, like-minded people came to the site and built a community of positive, encouraging individuals with a wide range of video interests.

Social Media Tulsa videos can be found on Vimeo.  You can see a collection of our videos, join the group, and share your videos with the community.

Interview with @BeckyMcCray Part I from Social Media Tulsa on Vimeo.

#SMTulsa’s Contest For a Good Cause: Win @Prweb Release

My personal admiration for PRweb is no secret; I talk about them a lot. While I won a contest from them in 2010,   PRweb has  been apart of my professional journey since 2004.   Before blogging and tweeting, Prweb was the tool I used to tell the story about my client projects and to make major announcements.   Up to now, we’ve been in the mutual admiration society.

Via Twitter, I asked @PRweb if they would be interested in helping with the Social Media Tulsa Conference scheduled March, 24, 2011.

Prweb agreed to provide a Premium Level News release ($360 value) to one lucky #SMTulsa conference attendee.

Here’s how you can win:

1. Register #SMTulsa Conference
2. Write and publish a news release about Breast Impressions, or another  Tulsa area non-profit organization of your choice.
See Prweb’s tips: How to write press releases

3. Post the link to your release or blog post in the comment section below.   (Include your Twitter ID and we’ll share it via Twitter)

4. Our esteemed judging panel will select the winner.

5.  The winner will be announced during the March 24, conference.

6.  The winner will receive a code for a FREE Premium news release to be used via (Requires creation of a free account)

Is There A Book?

The question I get often is; “Is there a book I can read to learn about Social Media.”  The answer is Yes!

One of the leading publishers in the social media book market is Wiley Publishing.  Thanks to Wiley, we’ll have several books on display at Social Media Tulsa conference in what we’re calling: The Social Media Tulsa Library.    Stop by the display during the March 24th conference, and check out the latest books on the topic of social media.

Register for Social Media Tulsa Conference 2011 #SMTulsa in Tulsa, OK  on Eventbrite

#SMTulsa Conference Gives A Tweet for @Busted4Cancer

We’re very happy to announce our official charity partner for Social Media Tulsa Conference:  Breast Impressions, Inc. of  Tulsa.

Using the social giving site Give a Tweet, attendees, companies, and supporters can donate, or match cash donations to support.  A portion of the proceeds from the conference will also be donated to Breast Impressions.

Breast Impressions‘ mission is to increase breast cancer awareness and fundraising to support breast cancer education, prevention and treatment. Breast Impressions, Inc also donates breast casting kits to women who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and would like to make a casting of their own prior to surgery. Breast Impressions is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.

Give a Tweet is a free service for everyone on Twitter – Hope it makes it easier for you to give, match and receive donations using Twitter!  Give a Tweet was founded to leverage the real-time power of Twitter to make it easy to donate to non-profits.

How you can help

  1. Click on the Breast impressions Logo on our partner page,  or click here to visit their Give a Tweet page.
  2. Log in using your Twitter ID
  3. Choose Donate, or Match.
  4. Once you complete your donation, you will have the option to “Tweet about it”
  5. The Tweet will look like this:  I just donated to @Busted4cancer on @giveatweet, join me at
  6. Add the  #smtulsa tag to your tweet to spread the word through out the community
  7. Follow @Busted4cancer on Twitter